Feeling Summer-y on Island Lake Trail

We went for a walk along the Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail this afternoon… parking in the lot on the south side of Hockley Valley Road just east of Highway 10.  The trail is clear, for the most part, but there are muddy sections, and a few places along the path where the snow and ice are still melting.  In the woods, on either side, there is quite a bit of snow… and against the lee shore of the lake, there is an undulating mass of leftover slush and what look to be Christmas trees.  But the ducks are there, black ducks and mallards, and a little diving duck I didn’t identify (no binoculars).  It was actually quite warm… warmest day so far.  So nice to take your jacket off and wish you were wearing shorts.

A Busy Place

The parking lot was jammed with cars and lots of people, dogs and bicycles along the paths.  With the kids off school, there were families there, with kids getting tangled in dog leashes.  One fellow, riding his bicycle, had a beautiful chocolate labrador retriever with him that I’m sure I could hear saying “I’m so happy.  I’m so happy.  I’m so happy.” all the way.  In fact there was probably a chorus of happy dogs but I’m particularly tuned to the lab.

We walked for a short while along a new section – it’s not quite finished and we walked past the “Do Not Enter” sign to see where it led.  There was a long stretch of wooden walkway over a boggy bit.  The wooden planks in the deck almost ring with your footsteps.  I was also thinking the chorus of frogs and toads must be deafening in there… pretty soon now.  We turned around when the track got too muddy… but later on we did notice where the new section joins the original: just past the eastern end of the causeway.

Despite the Snow the Flowers are Blooming

I looked beside the trail at one point and noticed a single bright yellow colt’s foot flower blooming…

One lonely coltsfoot poking its head up to check the weather.

One lonely coltsfoot poking its head up to check the weather.

A whole bunch of coltsfoots (colts feet?).

A whole bunch of coltsfoots (colts feet?).

then look a little farther and saw a whole herd.  Sometime soon I’d like to go to higher and dryer paths to see whether the wild garlic (ramp) is up yet.  Yum.

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