Whatsupinthehills is pretty simple… no real focus, beyond the place.  It’s a collection of observations, happenings, things I am interested in or curious about.  You’ll find a little bit of history, a lot of what’s happening now, some silliness, and things that will happen sometime soon.  I have no axe to grind… no, that’s not quite true… I do strongly feel that the place we live deserves our respect, our care and husbandry.  We may take from it, but carefully, gently, and only what we need, with an eye to the future and continuation of the beauty… the clean water and brook trout, the trees and wildflowers… the growing throng of organic farmers… the old trees in town (and elsewhere)… the farms that have been here for generations… all the good stuff that surrounds us.

There’s a place east of Hornings Mills, a road marked by a sign that reads “No Winter Maintenance Beyond this Point”, which of course invites me to see what’s there.  In summer, you enter the forest as if through a door… from bright sun to deep shade as tree branches close overhead and because of the deep shade, there is little underbrush.  You feel as if you’re in a large room.  Green covers the ground… and wildflowers in their seasons… colours so bright and fresh they may have just started growing this morning, and the only sound is water, running down from springs in the side of the hill.  It’s as sacred as any cathedral.  In winter, my brother and I broke the deep silence one afternoon.  We drove to the bottom of the hill, walked up to the top and skied down.  All the way his dog kept trying to bite the tips of our skis which would nose up through the snow ahead of us, as if unconnected to the rest.  We shouted most of the way down, always on the verge of falling.  There are many such places here In the Hills of Headwaters and they are worth keeping.

 A Little About Me

I am a writer.  I remember saying that to a seat mate on an airplane – he was a physician from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  He said “What does that mean?  Do you write bad cheques or what?”  I have written commercials – mostly for radio, corporate videos, magazine articles, a couple of small books, pretty well anything but fiction… unless, of course, you count commercials as fiction.  I am not really retired, as many retired people are – or aren’t – these days, and I love exploring… down the rabbit hole of the Internet, through the countryside, other countries, city streets, art galleries and old hardware stores, whatever takes my fancy.  These are some of the notes I bring back.

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